Office 批量激活概述Overview of volume activation of Office

适用于: Office 2019 和 Office 2016(包括 Project 和 Visio)的批量许可版本Applies to: Volume licensed versions of Office 2019 and Office 2016, including Project and Visio

激活是在特定计算机上安装软件后,使用制造商验证软件的过程。Activation is the process of validating software with the manufacturer after it has been installed on a specific computer. 激活确认产品是正版的,而不是欺诈性副本,并且产品密钥或序列号有效且未泄露或未被吊销。Activation confirms that the product is genuine—not a fraudulent copy—and that the product key or serial number is valid and has not been compromised or revoked. 激活还会在产品密钥与特定安装之间建立链接或关系。Activation also establishes a link or relationship between the product key and the particular installation.


如果你是尝试激活 Office 个人副本的用户,请参阅 激活 office ,而不是阅读本文。If you're a user trying to activate a personal copy of Office, see Activate Office instead of reading this article.

批量激活是 Microsoft 批量许可客户用于自动化和管理跨大型组织激活 Windows 操作系统、Microsoft Office 和其他 Microsoft 产品的过程。Volume activation is the process that Microsoft volume licensing customers use to automate and manage the activation of Windows operating systems, Microsoft Office, and other Microsoft products across large organizations.

你可以通过三种不同的方法激活 Office 的批量许可版本,包括 Project 和 Visio:There are three different methods that you can activate volume licensed versions of Office, including Project and Visio:

选择哪种激活方法取决于你的环境的大小、网络基础结构、连接性和安全要求。Which activation method you choose depends on the size, network infrastructure, connectivity, and security requirements of your environment. 你可以选择对不同版本的 Office 和不同的计算机(例如台式计算机和笔记本电脑)使用不同的激活方法。You can choose to use different activation methods for different versions of Office and for different computers, for example desktops and laptops. 由于这三种激活方法也用于激活 Windows 的批量许可版本,因此你可以使用相同的方法激活 Windows 和 Office。Because these three activation methods are also used to activate volume licensed versions of Windows, you might be able to use the same method to activate both Windows and Office. 有关详细信息,请参阅 Windows 10 的批量激活批量激活概述For more information, see Volume Activation for Windows 10 and Volume Activation Overview.

所有批量许可版本的 Office (包括 Project 和 Visio)都具有预安装的产品密钥,该密钥称为通用批量许可证密钥 (GVLK) ,可用于 KMS 和基于 Active Directory 的激活。All volume licensed versions of Office, including Project and Visio, have a preinstalled product key, called a Generic Volume License Key (GVLK), that can be used for KMS and Active Directory-based activation. 如果你使用 KMS 或 Active Directory 激活 Office,则不必为每个 Office 安装输入产品密钥。You don't have to enter a product key for each Office installation if you're activating Office by using KMS or Active Directory. 如果你使用 MAK 激活 Office,则必须为每个 Office 安装输入产品密钥,但你可以通过多种方式自动执行此操作。If you're activating Office by using MAK, you must enter a product key for each Office installation, but there are ways to automate that.

密钥管理服务 () Office 激活的 KMSKey Management Service (KMS) activation of Office

KMS 激活是一种客户端服务器模型,每个客户端从 KMS 主机请求激活。KMS activation is a client-server model in which each client requests activation from a KMS host computer. 激活 Office 所需的密钥在 KMS 主机计算机上安装。The keys needed to activate Office are installed on the KMS host computer. 客户端使用 DNS 找到 KMS 主机以请求激活。The client uses DNS to locate a KMS host computer to request activation.

有关详细信息,请参阅:For more information, see the following:

(MAK) 激活 Office 的多个激活密钥Multiple Activation Key (MAK) activation of Office

MAK 激活用于通过 internet 或电话通过 Microsoft 托管激活服务一次性激活。MAK activation is used for one-time activation through Microsoft-hosted activation services, either via the internet or by telephone. MAK 激活要求 MAK 安装在客户端计算机上并指示该计算机向这些服务器激活自己。MAK activation requires that a MAK is installed on a client computer and instructs that computer to activate itself against those services.

每个 MAK 都有预先确定的允许激活次数,具体情况视你的批量许可协议而定。Each MAK has a predetermined number of allowed activations and is based on your volume licensing agreement. 使用 MAK 进行的每次 Office 激活都将计入激活限制次数。Each Office activation that uses MAK counts toward the activation limit. Office 激活之后,除非硬件发生明显更改,否则将无需重新激活。After Office is activated, no re-activation is required unless the hardware changes significantly.

有关详细信息,请参阅 使用 MAK 激活 Office 的批量许可版本For more information, see Activate volume licensed versions of Office by using MAK.

基于 Active Directory 的 Office 激活Active Directory-based activation of Office

基于 Active Directory 的激活可以激活在加入域的计算机上安装的 Office。Active Directory-based activation can activate Office installed on domain-joined computers. 产品密钥信息(由 KMS 使用的信息)存储在 Active Directory 中并在整个林中复制。The product key information, which is the same that is used by KMS, is stored in Active Directory and replicated throughout the forest. 如果 Office 无法联系 Active Directory 进行激活,则 Office 会尝试使用 KMS 进行激活。If Office can't contact Active Directory for activation, Office tries to activate by using KMS.

有关详细信息,请参阅 使用 Active Directory 激活 Office 的批量许可版本For more information, see Activate volume licensed versions of Office by using Active Directory.