CSharpBinderFlags 枚举


表示不特定于调用站点上特定参数的 C# 动态操作的相关信息。Represents information about C# dynamic operations that are not specific to particular arguments at a call site. 此类的实例由 C# 编译器生成。Instances of this class are generated by the C# compiler.

此枚举有一个 FlagsAttribute 属性,允许按位组合成员值。

此 API 支持产品基础结构,不能在代码中直接使用。

public enum class CSharpBinderFlags
public enum CSharpBinderFlags
type CSharpBinderFlags = 
Public Enum CSharpBinderFlags


BinaryOperationLogical 8

此联编程序表示作为条件逻辑运算符计算的一部分的逻辑 AND 或逻辑 OR。The binder represents a logical AND or logical OR that is part of a conditional logical operator evaluation.

CheckedContext 1

在已检查的上下文中计算此联编程序。The evaluation of this binder happens in a checked context.

ConvertArrayIndex 32

此联编程序表示要在数组创建表达式中使用的隐式转换。The binder represents an implicit conversion for use in an array creation expression.

ConvertExplicit 16

此联编程序表示显式转换。The binder represents an explicit conversion.

InvokeSimpleName 2

此联编程序表示对简单名称的调用。The binder represents an invoke on a simple name.

InvokeSpecialName 4

此联编程序表示对特殊名称的调用。The binder represents an invoke on a specialname.

None 0

此联编程序不需要附加信息。There is no additional information required for this binder.

ResultDiscarded 256

联编程序在不需要结果的位置中使用,因此可绑定到一个 void 返回方法。The binder is used in a position that does not require a result, and can therefore bind to a void returning method.

ResultIndexed 64

将为任何绑定的结果编制索引,以获得一个设置索引联编程序或获取索引联编程序。The result of any bind is going to be indexed get a set index or get index binder.

ValueFromCompoundAssignment 128

此设置索引或设置成员中的值为复合赋值运算符。The value in this set index or set member comes a compound assignment operator.