AccessPermissionType Enum


指定访问权限的类型。Specifies the type of access permission.

This enumeration has a {0} attribute that allows a bitwise combination of its member values.

public enum class AccessPermissionType
[System.Runtime.Serialization.DataContract(Name="AccessPermissionType", Namespace="")]
public enum AccessPermissionType
type AccessPermissionType = 
Public Enum AccessPermissionType


All 7

可创建、更新和删除此对象。The object can be created, updated, and deleted.

Create 1

可创建此对象。The object can be created.

CreateDelete 5

可创建和删除此对象。The object can be created and deleted.

CreateUpdate 3

可创建和更新此对象。The object can be created and updated.

Delete 4

可删除此对象。The object can be deleted.

Read 0

可读取此对象。The object can be read. 所有其他权限也包括读取权限。All other permissions also include read permission. 也就是说,在没有读取权限的情况下不可能拥有创建权限(或更新/删除权限)。I.e. it is not possible to have create permission (or update or delete) without also having Read permission.

Update 2

可更新此对象。The object can be updated.

UpdateDelete 6

可更新和删除此对象。The object can be updated and deleted.


AccessPermissionType简单类型指定分配给主体以读取、创建、更新或删除 MDS 对象的权限。The AccessPermissionType simple type specifies the permission that is assigned to a principal for reading, creating, updating, or deleting an MDS object.

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