_PostItem.SaveAs(String, Object) _PostItem.SaveAs(String, Object) Method


Saves the Microsoft Outlook item to the specified path and in the format of the specified file type. If the file type is not specified, the MSG format (.msg) is used.

public void SaveAs (string Path, object Type);
Public Sub SaveAs (Path As String, Optional Type As Object)


String String

The path in which to save the item.

Object Object

The file type to save. Can be one of the following OlSaveAsType constants: olHTML, olMSG, olRTF, olTemplate, olDoc,olTXT, olVCal, olVCard, olICal, or olMSGUnicode.


Also note that even though olDoc is a valid OlSaveAsType constant, messages in HTML format cannot be saved in Document format, and the olDoc constant works only if Microsoft Word is set up as the default email editor.

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