_SharingItem.RetentionExpirationDate _SharingItem.RetentionExpirationDate _SharingItem.RetentionExpirationDate Property


Returns a DateTime value that specifies the date when the SharingItem object expires, after which the Messaging Records Management (MRM) Assistant will delete the item. Read-only.

 property DateTime RetentionExpirationDate { DateTime get(); };
public DateTime RetentionExpirationDate { get; }
Public ReadOnly Property RetentionExpirationDate As DateTime

Property Value


A retention policy is enabled and disabled by an administrator for a Microsoft Exchange Server on a mailbox level. This feature is available only on an Exchange Server 2010 mailbox with MRM 2.0 enabled.

Microsoft Outlook calculates the value of this property based on the item retention start date and the retention period, if Outlook is in cache or offline mode. The Exchange Server specifies the value if Outlook is in online mode.

In general, the retention start date for the item is determined as follows:

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