ItemEvents_10_Event.BeforeAttachmentSave ItemEvents_10_Event.BeforeAttachmentSave ItemEvents_10_Event.BeforeAttachmentSave Event


Occurs just before an attachment is saved.

 event Microsoft::Office::Interop::Outlook::ItemEvents_10_BeforeAttachmentSaveEventHandler ^ BeforeAttachmentSave;
event Microsoft.Office.Interop.Outlook.ItemEvents_10_BeforeAttachmentSaveEventHandler BeforeAttachmentSave;
Event BeforeAttachmentSave As ItemEvents_10_BeforeAttachmentSaveEventHandler 


This event corresponds to when attachments are saved to the messaging store. The BeforeAttachmentSave event occurs just before an attachment is saved when an item is saved. If a user edits an attachment and then saves those changes, the BeforeAttachmentSave event will not occur at that time; instead it will occur when the item itself is later saved. It also does not occur when the attachment is saved on the hard disk using the SaveAsFile method.

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