JournalItemClass.BeforeAutoSave JournalItemClass.BeforeAutoSave JournalItemClass.BeforeAutoSave Event


This is a .NET class or a member of a .NET class created when processing a COM coclass that is required by managed code for interoperability with the corresponding COM object. Use this class only when you have to access an earlier event in this class that has been subsequently extended in a later version of Outlook. Otherwise, use the .NET interface derived from the COM coclass. For information about the .NET interface, see JournalItem.

 virtual event Microsoft::Office::Interop::Outlook::ItemEvents_10_BeforeAutoSaveEventHandler ^ BeforeAutoSave;
public virtual event Microsoft.Office.Interop.Outlook.ItemEvents_10_BeforeAutoSaveEventHandler BeforeAutoSave;
Public Overridable Custom Event BeforeAutoSave As ItemEvents_10_BeforeAutoSaveEventHandler Implements BeforeAutoSave


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