_Document.DoNotEmbedSystemFonts 属性


确定 Microsoft Word 是否嵌入常用系统字体。Determines if Microsoft Word embeds common system fonts.

 property bool DoNotEmbedSystemFonts { bool get(); void set(bool value); };
public bool DoNotEmbedSystemFonts { get; set; }
member this.DoNotEmbedSystemFonts : bool with get, set
Public Property DoNotEmbedSystemFonts As Boolean




如果 Microsoft Word 不嵌入普通系统字体,则此属性返回True ,如果 word 嵌入系统字体,则返回FalseThis property returns True if Microsoft Word does not embed common system fonts, and False if Word embeds system fonts. 将此属性设置为TrueFalse可启用或禁用功能。Set this property to True or False to enable or disable the functionality.

如果用户在东亚系统上,并且想要创建的文档在其系统上没有该语言的字体,则将DoNotEmbedSystemFonts属性设置为False将非常有用。Setting the DoNotEmbedSystemFonts property to False is useful if the user is on an East Asian system and wants to create a document that is readable by others who do not have fonts for that language on their system. 例如,日语系统上的用户可以选择在文档中嵌入字体,以便日语文档中可读的所有系统上。For example, a user on a Japanese system could choose to embed the fonts in a document so that the Japanese document would be readable on all systems.