_Document.ReplyWithChanges(Object) 方法


为文档(该文档以被发送出去进行审阅)的作者发送电子邮件,通知他们审阅者已经审阅完文档。Sends an e-mail message to the author of a document that has been sent out for review, notifying them that a reviewer has completed review of the document.

public void ReplyWithChanges (ref object ShowMessage);
abstract member ReplyWithChanges : obj -> unit
Public Sub ReplyWithChanges (Optional ByRef ShowMessage As Object)



可选对象Optional Object. True 显示之前发送的消息。True to display the message prior to sending. 以自动发送消息,而无需先显示它。False to automatically send the message without displaying it first. 默认值为 TrueThe default value is True.


使用 SendForReview(Object, Object, Object, Object) 方法可启动对文档的协作审阅。Use the SendForReview(Object, Object, Object, Object) method to start a collaborative review of a document. 如果不属于联合审阅周期的文档执行 ReplyWithChanges 方法时,Microsoft Word 将显示一条错误消息。If the ReplyWithChanges method is executed on a document that is not part of a collaborative review cycle, Microsoft Word displays an error message.