_Document.RunLetterWizard(Object, Object) 方法


对指定的文档运行英文信函向导。Runs the Letter Wizard on the specified document.

public void RunLetterWizard (ref object LetterContent, ref object WizardMode);
abstract member RunLetterWizard : obj * obj -> unit
Public Sub RunLetterWizard (Optional ByRef LetterContent As Object, Optional ByRef WizardMode As Object)



可选对象Optional Object. LetterContent 对象。A LetterContent object. LetterContent 对象中的任何填充的属性将显示为英文信函向导对话框中的预填充元素。Any filled properties in the LetterContent object show up as prefilled elements in the Letter Wizard dialog boxes. 如果省略此参数,则 GetLetterContent() 自动使用该方法从指定的文档中获取一个LetterContent对象。If this argument is omitted, the GetLetterContent() method is automatically used to get a LetterContent object from the specified document.


可选对象Optional Object. 如果为 True ,则以一系列步骤显示 "英文信函向导" 对话框,其中包含 "下一个"、"后退" 和 "完成" 按钮。True to display the Letter Wizard dialog box as a series of steps with a Next, Back, and Finish button. 以显示 英文信函向导对话框中,如果从 工具菜单 ( 确定按钮和 取消按钮的属性对话框中) 中打开。False to display the Letter Wizard dialog box as if it were opened from the Tools menu (a properties dialog box with an OK button and a Cancel button). 默认值为 TrueThe default value is True.


使用 CreateLetterContent 方法来返回一个 LetterContent 对象,给出各种信函元素属性。Use the CreateLetterContent method to return a LetterContent object, given various letter element properties. 使用 GetLetterContent 方法来返回一个 LetterContent 对象,该对象指定文档的内容。Use the GetLetterContent method to return a LetterContent object based on the contents of the specified document. RunLetterWizard 方法中,可以使用生成的 LetterContent 对象来预设 英文信函向导对话框中的元素。You can use the resulting LetterContent object with the RunLetterWizard method to preset elements in the Letter Wizard dialog box.