EventsProvider.EventInfos Property


返回 EventInfo 对象的集合。Returns a collection of EventInfo objects. 此字段为只读。This field is read-only.

 property Microsoft::SqlServer::Dts::Runtime::EventInfos ^ EventInfos { Microsoft::SqlServer::Dts::Runtime::EventInfos ^ get(); };
public Microsoft.SqlServer.Dts.Runtime.EventInfos EventInfos { get; }
member this.EventInfos : Microsoft.SqlServer.Dts.Runtime.EventInfos
Public ReadOnly Property EventInfos As EventInfos

Property Value


返回 EventInfos 集合。Returns an EventInfos collection.


EventInfos集合用于保存您希望任务在执行过程中引发的自定义事件和事件。The EventInfos collection is used to hold custom events and events that you want the task to raise during execution. 创建自定义任务时, 可以使用此类将自己的自定义事件添加到运行时。When creating a custom task, you use this class to add your own custom events to the runtime.

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