TransPublication.SnapshotAvailable Property


获取此发布的快照文件是否可供使用。Gets whether or not the snapshot files for this publication are available for use.

 property bool SnapshotAvailable { bool get(); };
public bool SnapshotAvailable { get; }
member this.SnapshotAvailable : bool
Public ReadOnly Property SnapshotAvailable As Boolean

Property Value


一个 Boolean 值。A Boolean value. 如果为 true,则快照文件是可用的。If true, the snapshot files are available. 如果为 false,则快照文件不可用。If false, the snapshot files are not available.


SnapshotAvailable只有 sysadmin 发布服务器上的固定服务器角色的成员、 db_owner 发布数据库上固定数据库角色的成员或发布访问列表(PAL)中的用户才能检索属性。The SnapshotAvailable property can only be retrieved by members of the sysadmin fixed server role at the Publisher, by members of the db_owner fixed database role on the publication database, or by users in the publication access list (PAL).

检索 SnapshotAvailable 属性等效于执行sp_helppublicationRetrieving the SnapshotAvailable property is equivalent to executing sp_helppublication.

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