VSTAScriptingEngine.c_xmlprojNamespaceAlias Field


这是在上面的命名空间的 xpath 查询中使用的别名,而不是大。this is the alias used in our xpath query for the namespace above which is rather big.

public: System::String ^ c_xmlprojNamespaceAlias;
public: static initonly System::String ^ c_xmlprojNamespaceAlias;
public const string c_xmlprojNamespaceAlias;
public static readonly string c_xmlprojNamespaceAlias;
val mutable c_xmlprojNamespaceAlias : string
 staticval mutable c_xmlprojNamespaceAlias : string
Public Const c_xmlprojNamespaceAlias As String 
Public Shared ReadOnly c_xmlprojNamespaceAlias As String 

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