VCCLCompilerTool.DisableSpecificWarnings 属性


获取或设置禁用所需的警告编号,并将这些编号放在一个分号分隔的列表中的值。Gets or sets a value that disables the desired warning numbers; puts numbers in a semicolon delimited list. DisableSpecificWarnings 公开编译器的 /w、/W0、/W1、/W2、/W3、/W4、/W1、/W2、/W3、/W4、/Wall、/wd、/we、/wo、/Wv、/wx (Warning Level) 选项的功能。DisableSpecificWarnings exposes the functionality of the compiler's /w, /W0, /W1, /W2, /W3, /W4, /w1, /w2, /w3, /w4, /Wall, /wd, /we, /wo, /Wv, /WX (Warning Level) option.

 property System::String ^ DisableSpecificWarnings { System::String ^ get(); void set(System::String ^ value); };
 property Platform::String ^ DisableSpecificWarnings { Platform::String ^ get(); void set(Platform::String ^ value); };
[get: System.Runtime.InteropServices.DispId(83)]
[set: System.Runtime.InteropServices.DispId(83)]
public string DisableSpecificWarnings { get; set; }
[<get: System.Runtime.InteropServices.DispId(83)>]
[<set: System.Runtime.InteropServices.DispId(83)>]
member this.DisableSpecificWarnings : string with get, set
Public Property DisableSpecificWarnings As String



一个禁用所需警告编号的值。A value that disables the desired warning numbers.



有关如何编译和运行此示例的信息,请参阅 如何:编译项目模型扩展性的示例代码See How to: Compile Example Code for Project Model Extensibility for information about how to compile and run this example.

下面的示例在 DisableSpecificWarnings 集成开发环境 (IDE) 中修改属性:The following example modifies the DisableSpecificWarnings property in the integrated development environment (IDE):

' add reference to Microsoft.VisualStudio.VCProjectEngine.  
Imports EnvDTE  
Imports Microsoft.VisualStudio.VCProjectEngine  

Public Module Module1  
    Sub Test()  
        Dim prj As VCProject  
        Dim cfgs, tools As IVCCollection  
        Dim cfg As VCConfiguration  
        Dim tool As VCCLCompilerTool  
        prj = DTE.Solution.Projects.Item(1).Object  
        cfgs = prj.Configurations  
        cfg = cfgs.Item(1)  
        tool = cfg.Tools("VCCLCompilerTool")  
        tool.DisableSpecificWarnings = "4001,4002"  
    End Sub  
End Module