ClassicBorderStyle ClassicBorderStyle ClassicBorderStyle ClassicBorderStyle Enum


指定要绘制的 Border 的类型。Specifics the type of Border to draw.

public enum class ClassicBorderStyle
public enum ClassicBorderStyle
type ClassicBorderStyle = 
Public Enum ClassicBorderStyle


AltPressed AltPressed AltPressed AltPressed 15

用于处于按下状态的 Thumb 上的 ScrollBarUsed for the Thumb on a ScrollBar in their pressed state.

AltRaised AltRaised AltRaised AltRaised 14

用于处于正常状态的 Thumb 上的 ScrollBarUsed for the Thumb on a ScrollBar in a normal state.

Etched Etched Etched Etched 5

用于 GroupBoxUsed for GroupBox.

HorizontalLine HorizontalLine HorizontalLine HorizontalLine 6

用于水平 SeparatorUsed for horizontal Separator.

None None None None 0

无边框。No border.

RadioButton RadioButton RadioButton RadioButton 16

RadioButton 边框。A RadioButton border.

Raised Raised Raised Raised 1

用于处于正常状态的 Button 元素。Used for Button elements in their normal state.

RaisedFocused RaisedFocused RaisedFocused RaisedFocused 3

用于具有键盘焦点或属于默认 ButtonButton 元素。Used for Button elements that have keyboard focus or are the default Button.

RaisedPressed RaisedPressed RaisedPressed RaisedPressed 2

用于处于按下状态的 Button 元素。Used for Button elements in their pressed state.

Sunken Sunken Sunken Sunken 4

用于 ListBoxTextBoxCheckBoxUsed for ListBox, TextBox, and CheckBox.

TabBottom TabBottom TabBottom TabBottom 11

用于 TabItemUsed for TabItem.

TabLeft TabLeft TabLeft TabLeft 10

用于 TabItemUsed for TabItem.

TabRight TabRight TabRight TabRight 8

用于 TabItemUsed for TabItem.

TabTop TabTop TabTop TabTop 9

用于 TabItemUsed for TabItem.

ThinPressed ThinPressed ThinPressed ThinPressed 13

用于处于按下状态的顶级 MenuItemUsed for top level MenuItem in their pressed state.

ThinRaised ThinRaised ThinRaised ThinRaised 12

用于其上悬停有鼠标或其他输入设备指针的顶级 MenuItemUsed for top level MenuItem when the mouse or other input device is hovering over them.

VerticalLine VerticalLine VerticalLine VerticalLine 7

用于垂直 SeparatorUsed for vertical Separator.