ScrollGlyph ScrollGlyph ScrollGlyph ScrollGlyph Enum


描述用来表示 Thumb 的标志符号。Describes the glyphs used to represent the Thumb.

public enum class ScrollGlyph
public enum ScrollGlyph
type ScrollGlyph = 
Public Enum ScrollGlyph


DownArrow DownArrow DownArrow DownArrow 4

向下箭头标志符号。An arrow glyph pointing down.

HorizontalGripper HorizontalGripper HorizontalGripper HorizontalGripper 6

水平手柄标志符号。horizontal gripper glyph.

LeftArrow LeftArrow LeftArrow LeftArrow 1

向左箭头标志符号。An arrow glyph pointing to the left.

None None None None 0

未使用标志符号。No glyph is used.

RightArrow RightArrow RightArrow RightArrow 2

向右箭头标志符号。An arrow glyph pointing to the right.

UpArrow UpArrow UpArrow UpArrow 3

向上箭头标志符号。An arrow glyph pointing up.

VerticalGripper VerticalGripper VerticalGripper VerticalGripper 5

垂直手柄标志符号。A vertical gripper glyph.