ThemeColor 枚举


表示 Microsoft 主题的可能的颜色变量。Represents possible color variants for the Microsoft themes.

public enum class ThemeColor
public enum ThemeColor
type ThemeColor = 
Public Enum ThemeColor


Homestead 1

由 Luna 主题使用;本地化的颜色名称是“橄榄色”。Used by the Luna theme; the localized color name is Olive.

Metallic 2

由 Luna 主题使用;本地化的颜色名称是“银色”。Used by the Luna theme; the localized color name is Sliver.

NormalColor 0

由 Luna、Aero 和 Classic 主题使用;本地化的颜色名称是“蓝色”。Used by the Luna, Aero, and Classic themes; the localized color name is Blue.


每个主题可能有多个颜色变体, 这可能会在外观上相似, 但颜色不同。Each theme potentially has multiple color variants, which, presumably, are visually similar but in different colors. 例如, Luna 具有三种颜色变体:Homestead、金属和 Luna.normalcolor.xaml。Luna, for example, has all three color variants: Homestead, Metallic, and NormalColor. Aero 和 Royale 具有 Luna.normalcolor.xaml。Aero and Royale have NormalColor.

经典没有颜色变体, 而是使用颜色方案, 包括南瓜、玫瑰和云杉。Classic doesn't have a color variant, but instead uses color schemes, including Pumpkin, Rose, and Spruce. 与颜色变体不同, 配色方案定义了构成系统调色板的每种颜色的值, 以及某些指标 (如字体名称和大小) 的某些值。A color scheme, unlike a color variant, defines values for each of the colors which make up the system palette as well as certain values for certain metrics like font names and sizes.