DataSourceDefinition.CredentialRetrieval DataSourceDefinition.CredentialRetrieval DataSourceDefinition.CredentialRetrieval Property


指示报表服务器用来检索数据源凭据的方法。 Indicates the way in which the Report Server retrieves data source credentials.

 property ReportService2005::CredentialRetrievalEnum CredentialRetrieval { ReportService2005::CredentialRetrievalEnum get(); void set(ReportService2005::CredentialRetrievalEnum value); };
public ReportService2005.CredentialRetrievalEnum CredentialRetrieval { get; set; }
Public Property CredentialRetrieval As CredentialRetrievalEnum


ACredentialRetrievalEnum值,该值指示报表服务器在其中检索数据源凭据的方式。 A CredentialRetrievalEnum value which indicates the way in which the report server retrieves data source credentials.


你可以使用CredentialRetrieval属性来指定要从中检索连接到外部数据源时,报表服务器要使用的凭据。You can use the CredentialRetrieval property to specify where to retrieve the credentials that are to be used by the Report Server when connecting to an external data source.

有四个可能的设置,此属性:There are four possible settings for this property:

  • None -连接到数据源不需要连接。None – The connection to the data source does not require connections. 这是最不安全的方法连接到外部数据源,不建议。This is the least secure method of connecting to an external data source and is not recommended. 请注意 UnattendedExecutionAccount中必须指定RSReportServer Configuration File文件。Note The UnattendedExecutionAccount must be specified in the RSReportServer Configuration File file.

  • Prompt 报表服务器需要凭据。Prompt - The report server requires credentials. 如果未提供凭据,报表不会生成并引发异常。If credentials are not supplied, the report is not generated and an exception is raised.

  • Integrated报表服务器利用到报表服务器身份验证的用户的凭据。Integrated- The report server utilizes the credentials of the user authenticated to the report server. 提供任何其他数据源凭据将被忽略。Any other data source credentials supplied are ignored.


    如果EnableIntegratedSecurity系统属性设置为false,则设置CredentialRetrieval属性Integrated将导致服务器尝试检索数据源凭据时引发异常。If the EnableIntegratedSecurity system property is set to false, setting CredentialRetrieval property to Integrated will cause an exception to be thrown when the server attempts to retrieve data source credentials.

  • Store – 凭据安全地存储在报表服务器数据库。Store – The credentials are stored securely in the Report Server database.

有大量的功能的报表服务器需要凭据检索选项,可以是以下之一StoreNone才能成功执行。There are a number of features of the Report Server that require the credential retrieval option to be either Store or None in order to successfully execute. 此类报表执行快照生成、 报表历史记录生成和订阅,其中包括基于的计划功能。These include schedule based features such Report Execution Snapshot generation, Report History generation, and subscriptions.

当凭据和连接字符串存储在报表服务器数据库时,则会对它们进行加密。When credentials and the connection string are stored in the Report Server database, they are encrypted.