ReportingService2005.DeleteSchedule(String) Method


从报表服务器数据库删除共享的计划。Deletes a shared schedule from the report server database.

 void DeleteSchedule(System::String ^ ScheduleID);
public void DeleteSchedule (string ScheduleID);
member this.DeleteSchedule : string -> unit
Public Sub DeleteSchedule (ScheduleID As String)



计划的 ID,该 ID 由 CreateSchedule(String, ScheduleDefinition) 方法返回。The ID of the schedule, returned by the CreateSchedule(String, ScheduleDefinition) method.


下表显示了有关此操作的标头和权限信息。The table below shows header and permissions information on this operation.

SOAP 标头SOAP Headers (In) BatchHeaderValue(In) BatchHeaderValue

(Out) ServerInfoHeaderValue(Out) ServerInfoHeaderValue
所需的权限Required Permissions DeleteSchedules (系统) DeleteSchedules (System)

如果计划被删除,则根据计划运行的报表和订阅将不会运行。Reports and subscriptions that run according to the schedule do not run if the schedule is deleted.

如果在 DeleteSchedule 与共享计划关联的报表运行时调用方法,则报表将继续运行。If the DeleteSchedule method is called while a report that is associated with the shared schedule is running, the report continues to run. 在这种情况下,会将计划分配给单独的报表。In that case, the schedule is assigned to the individual report.

使用 ListSchedules 方法检索 Report Server 数据库中共享计划的当前列表。Use the ListSchedules method to retrieve a current list of shared schedules in the report server database.

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