ReportingService2005.ValidateExtensionSettings(String, ParameterValueOrFieldReference[]) Method


验证 Reporting Services 扩展插件设置。Validates Reporting Services extension settings.

 cli::array <ReportService2005::ExtensionParameter ^> ^ ValidateExtensionSettings(System::String ^ Extension, cli::array <ReportService2005::ParameterValueOrFieldReference ^> ^ ParameterValues);
public ReportService2005.ExtensionParameter[] ValidateExtensionSettings (string Extension, ReportService2005.ParameterValueOrFieldReference[] ParameterValues);
member this.ValidateExtensionSettings : string * ReportService2005.ParameterValueOrFieldReference[] -> ReportService2005.ExtensionParameter[]
Public Function ValidateExtensionSettings (Extension As String, ParameterValues As ParameterValueOrFieldReference()) As ExtensionParameter()



扩展插件的名称,该名称与在报表服务器配置文件中显示的一样。The name of the extension as it appears in the report server configuration file. 有效值为 Report Server EmailReport Server FileShareValid values are Report Server Email and Report Server FileShare.


一个 ParameterValueOrFieldReference 对象的数组,该数组表示要为扩展插件验证的设置。An array of ParameterValueOrFieldReference objects representing the settings to validate for the extension.



一个 ExtensionParameter 对象的数组,该数组包含经过验证的扩展插件设置以及所需的任何未指定的设置。An array of ExtensionParameter objects that contain validated extension settings and any required settings that were not specified.


下表显示了有关此操作的标头和权限信息。The table below shows header and permissions information on this operation.

SOAP 标头SOAP Headers (Out) ServerInfoHeaderValue(Out) ServerInfoHeaderValue
所需的权限Required Permissions None

ExtensionParameter方法返回的对象 ValidateExtensionSettings 包含以下项:The ExtensionParameter objects that are returned by the ValidateExtensionSettings method contain the following items:

  • 参数中指定的所有有效设置值 ParameterValuesAll valid setting values specified in the ParameterValues parameter

  • 具有无效值的设置包含 Error) 类的 (属性的错误消息 ExtensionParameterSettings with values that are not valid contain an error message (Error property of the ExtensionParameter class).

  • 未在参数中指定 ParameterValuesRequired 类的属性 ExtensionParameter 设置为值的所有所需设置的名称 trueThe names of all required settings that were not specified in the ParameterValues parameter with a Required property of the ExtensionParameter class set to a value of true.


当前,该 ValidateExtensionSettings 方法支持传递扩展插件。Currently, the ValidateExtensionSettings method supports delivery extensions. 此方法尚不支持其他扩展。Other extensions are not yet supported by this method.

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