CatalogItem.Type CatalogItem.Type CatalogItem.Type Property


获取项的类型。 Gets the type of the item.

 property ReportService2006::ItemTypeEnum Type { ReportService2006::ItemTypeEnum get(); void set(ReportService2006::ItemTypeEnum value); };
public ReportService2006.ItemTypeEnum Type { get; set; }
Public Property Type As ItemTypeEnum


ItemTypeEnum值,该值指定项的类型。 An ItemTypeEnum value that specifies the type of an item.


下表列出了各种类型的项。The following table lists the various types of items.

项类型Item type DescriptionDescription
Unknown 不与任何已知类型相关联的 SharePoint 库中的项。An item in the SharePoint library that is not associated with any known type.
Folder 中的 SharePoint 库的文件夹。A folder in the SharePoint library.
Report SharePoint 库中的报表。A report in the SharePoint library.
Resource SharePoint 库中的资源。A resource in the SharePoint library.
LinkedReport 中的 SharePoint 库的链接的报表。A linked report in the SharePoint library.
Model SharePoint 库中的模型。A model in the SharePoint library.
DataSource SharePoint 库中的数据源。A data source in the SharePoint library.
Site SharePoint 服务器上站点A site on the SharePoint server