CatalogItem CatalogItem CatalogItem CatalogItem Class


表示 SharePoint 库中的项。Represents an item in a SharePoint library.

public ref class CatalogItem
public class CatalogItem
type CatalogItem = class
Public Class CatalogItem


用户定义属性不在对象中CatalogItem表示。User-defined properties are not represented in CatalogItem objects. 若要检索用户定义的属性, 请Property使用GetProperties方法。To retrieve user-defined properties, use the Property class by using the GetProperties method.

CatalogItem由、和ListChildren ListScheduledReports方法的输出返回。CatalogItem is returned as output by the ListChildren, and ListScheduledReports methods.


CatalogItem() CatalogItem() CatalogItem() CatalogItem()

初始化 CatalogItem 类的新实例。Initializes a new instance of the CatalogItem class.


CreatedBy CreatedBy CreatedBy CreatedBy

获取最初将项添加到 SharePoint 库的用户的名称。Gets the name of the user who originally added the item to the SharePoint library.

CreationDate CreationDate CreationDate CreationDate

获取项添加到 SharePoint 库的日期和时间。Gets the date and time that the item was added to the SharePoint library.

CreationDateSpecified CreationDateSpecified CreationDateSpecified CreationDateSpecified

获取或设置一个值, 该值指示是否CreationDate指定了属性。Gets or sets a value that indicates whether the CreationDate property is specified.

Description Description Description Description

获取项的说明。Gets the description of an item.

ExecutionDate ExecutionDate ExecutionDate ExecutionDate

获取上次为报表创建报表执行快照的日期和时间。Gets the date and time at which a report execution snapshot was last created for a report.

ExecutionDateSpecified ExecutionDateSpecified ExecutionDateSpecified ExecutionDateSpecified

获取或设置一个值, 该值指示是否ExecutionDate指定了属性。Gets or sets a value that indicates whether the ExecutionDate property is specified.

Hidden Hidden Hidden Hidden

获取一个值, 该值指示是否在用户界面上隐藏项。Gets a value that indicates whether an item is hidden on the user interface.

HiddenSpecified HiddenSpecified HiddenSpecified HiddenSpecified

获取或设置一个值, 该值指示是否Hidden指定了属性。Gets or sets a value that indicates whether the Hidden property is specified.


获取项的 ID。Gets the ID of an item.

MimeType MimeType MimeType MimeType

获取资源的 MIME 类型。Gets the MIME type of a resource.

ModifiedBy ModifiedBy ModifiedBy ModifiedBy

获取上次修改项的用户的名称。Gets the name of the user who last modified the item.

ModifiedDate ModifiedDate ModifiedDate ModifiedDate

获取用户上次修改该项的日期和时间。Gets the date and time the user last modified the item.

ModifiedDateSpecified ModifiedDateSpecified ModifiedDateSpecified ModifiedDateSpecified

获取或设置一个值, 该值指示是否ModifiedDate指定了属性。Gets or sets a value that indicates whether the ModifiedDate property is specified.

Name Name Name Name

获取项的名称。Gets the name of an item.

Path Path Path Path

获取项的完整路径名。Gets the full path name of an item.

Size Size Size Size

获取项的大小 (以字节为单位)。Gets the size, in bytes, of an item.

SizeSpecified SizeSpecified SizeSpecified SizeSpecified

获取或设置一个值, 该值指示是否Size指定了属性。Gets or sets a value that indicates whether the Size property is specified.

Type Type Type Type

获取项的类型。Gets the type of the item.

VirtualPath VirtualPath VirtualPath VirtualPath

获取项的虚拟 SharePoint 路径。Gets the virtual SharePoint path of the item.