ParameterValue ParameterValue ParameterValue ParameterValue Class


表示在参数化报表或传递扩展插件设置中使用的数据。Represents data that is used in parameterized reports or in delivery extension settings.

public ref class ParameterValue : ReportService2006::ParameterValueOrFieldReference
public class ParameterValue : ReportService2006.ParameterValueOrFieldReference
type ParameterValue = class
    inherit ParameterValueOrFieldReference
Public Class ParameterValue
Inherits ParameterValueOrFieldReference


对象作为GetSubscriptionProperties方法的输出返回, 并作为输入SetSubscriptionProperties传递给方法。 ParameterValueA ParameterValue object is returned as output by the GetSubscriptionProperties method and is passed as input to the SetSubscriptionProperties method.

ParameterValue对象用于将报表参数传递到报表以及将设置传递到传递扩展插件。ParameterValue objects are used both in passing report parameters to reports and in passing settings to a delivery extension.


ParameterValue() ParameterValue() ParameterValue() ParameterValue()

初始化 ParameterValue 类的新实例。Initializes a new instance of the ParameterValue class.


Label Label Label Label

获取或设置参数的标签或替代名称。Gets or sets the label or alternate name for the parameter.

Name Name Name Name

获取或设置参数名称。Gets or sets the parameter name.

Value Value Value Value

获取或设置参数值。Gets or sets the parameter value.