RecurrencePattern RecurrencePattern RecurrencePattern Class


表示计划定义的重复执行模式。 Represents the recurrence pattern of a schedule definition.

public ref class RecurrencePattern
public class RecurrencePattern
Public Class RecurrencePattern


使用RecurrencePattern类连同Item属性ScheduleDefinition类。Use the RecurrencePattern class together with the Item property of the ScheduleDefinition class. 不能使用RecurrencePattern类直接在你的应用程序; 相反,你必须使用其派生的类,如下表所述之一。You cannot use the RecurrencePattern class directly in your application; instead, you must use one of its derived classes, which are described in the following table.

Class DescriptionDescription
MinuteRecurrence 表示时间间隔,以分钟为单位,在其运行计划的报表。Represents the interval, in minutes, on which a scheduled report runs.
DailyRecurrence 表示时间间隔,以天为单位,在其运行计划的报表。Represents the interval, in days, on which a scheduled report runs.
WeeklyRecurrence 表示每周的时间间隔和运行计划的报表的星期几。Represents the weekly interval and the days of the week on which a scheduled report runs.
MonthlyRecurrence 表示计划的报表在月中几号运行。Represents the days of the month on which a scheduled report runs.
MonthlyDOWRecurrence 表示一周、 的周数月和在其运行计划的报表的月份中的天。Represents the day of week, the week number in the month, and the month on which a scheduled report runs.


RecurrencePattern() RecurrencePattern() RecurrencePattern()

初始化 RecurrencePattern 类的新实例。 Initializes a new instance of the RecurrencePattern class.