ServerInfoHeader ServerInfoHeader ServerInfoHeader ServerInfoHeader Class


表示有关 Report Server 的信息。Represents information about the report server.

public ref class ServerInfoHeader : System::Web::Services::Protocols::SoapHeader
public class ServerInfoHeader : System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapHeader
type ServerInfoHeader = class
    inherit SoapHeader
Public Class ServerInfoHeader
Inherits SoapHeader


ServerInfoHeader() ServerInfoHeader() ServerInfoHeader() ServerInfoHeader()

初始化 ServerInfoHeader 类的新实例。Initializes a new instance of the ServerInfoHeader class.


AnyAttr AnyAttr AnyAttr AnyAttr

获取或设置 SOAP 特性的数组。Gets or sets an array of SOAP attributes.

ReportServerDateTime ReportServerDateTime ReportServerDateTime ReportServerDateTime

获取 Report Server 上的日期和时间 Gets the date and time on the report server .

ReportServerEdition ReportServerEdition ReportServerEdition ReportServerEdition

获取 Report Server 的版本。Gets the edition of the report server.

ReportServerTimeZoneInfo ReportServerTimeZoneInfo ReportServerTimeZoneInfo ReportServerTimeZoneInfo

获取 Report Server 的时区信息。Gets the time zone information for the report server.

ReportServerVersion ReportServerVersion ReportServerVersion ReportServerVersion

获取 Report Server 的版本。Gets the version of the report server.

ReportServerVersionNumber ReportServerVersionNumber ReportServerVersionNumber ReportServerVersionNumber

获取 Report Server 的版本号。Gets the version number of the report server.