Subscription Subscription Subscription Subscription Class


表示 Report Server 数据库中的订阅。Represents a subscription in the report server database.

public ref class Subscription
public class Subscription
type Subscription = class
Public Class Subscription


对象以ListAllSubscriptionsListMySubscriptions和方法ListReportSubscriptions的输出形式返回。 SubscriptionA Subscription object is returned as output by the ListAllSubscriptions, ListMySubscriptions, and ListReportSubscriptions methods.


Subscription() Subscription() Subscription() Subscription()

初始化 Subscription 类的新实例。Initializes a new instance of the Subscription class.


Active Active Active Active

获取订阅的对象。 ActiveStateGets the ActiveState object of a subscription.

DeliverySettings DeliverySettings DeliverySettings DeliverySettings

获取订阅的传递扩展插件的设置。Gets the settings for the delivery extension of the subscription.

Description Description Description Description

获取与订阅关联的报表的格式和传递方法的说明。Gets a description of the format and the delivery method for the reports that are associated with the subscription.

EventType EventType EventType EventType

获取触发订阅的事件类型。Gets the type of event that triggers the subscription.

IsDataDriven IsDataDriven IsDataDriven IsDataDriven

获取一个值, 该值指示订阅是否是数据驱动的。Gets a value that indicates whether the subscription is data-driven.

LastExecuted LastExecuted LastExecuted LastExecuted

获取 Report Server 上次执行报表的日期和时间。Gets the date and time the report server last executed the report.

LastExecutedSpecified LastExecutedSpecified LastExecutedSpecified LastExecutedSpecified

获取一个值, 该值指示是否LastExecuted指定了属性。Gets a value that indicates whether the LastExecuted property is specified.

ModifiedBy ModifiedBy ModifiedBy ModifiedBy

获取上次修改订阅的用户的名称。Gets the name of the user who last modified the subscription.

ModifiedDate ModifiedDate ModifiedDate ModifiedDate

获取用户上次修改订阅的日期和时间。Gets the date and time the user last modified the subscription.

Owner Owner Owner Owner

获取订阅的所有者的用户名。Gets the user name for the owner of the subscription.

Path Path Path Path

获取与订阅关联的报表的完全限定 URL。Gets the fully qualified URL of the report that is associated with the subscription.

Report Report Report Report

获取与订阅关联的报表的名称。Gets the name of the report that is associated with the subscription.

Status Status Status Status

获取订阅的状态。Gets the status of a subscription.

SubscriptionID SubscriptionID SubscriptionID SubscriptionID

获取订阅的 ID。Gets the ID of the subscription.

VirtualPath VirtualPath VirtualPath VirtualPath

获取报表的虚拟路径。Gets the virtual path of the report.