Warning Warning Warning Class


表示在发布或处理报表时返回的错误或警告的列表。 Represents a list of errors or warnings that are returned when a report is published or processed.

public ref class Warning
public class Warning
Public Class Warning


AWarning对象作为输出由方法返回如CreateReportCreateReportHistorySnapshot,和SetReportDefinitionA Warning object is returned as output by methods such as CreateReport,CreateReportHistorySnapshot, and SetReportDefinition.


Warning() Warning() Warning()

初始化 Warning 类的新实例。 Initializes a new instance of the Warning class.


Code Code Code

获取或设置报表服务器分配给警告的错误代码。 Gets or sets the error code assigned to the warning by the report server.

Message Message Message

获取或设置表明错误或警告的消息。 Gets or sets a message that states the error or warning.

ObjectName ObjectName ObjectName

获取或设置报表定义中造成警告的对象的名称。 Gets or sets the name of the object in the report definition that contributed to the warning.

ObjectType ObjectType ObjectType

获取或设置错误或警告的对象类型。 Gets or sets the object type of the error or warning.

Severity Severity Severity

获取或设置错误或警告的严重性。 Gets or sets the severity of the error or warning.