Job Job Job Class


表示报表服务器正在积极处理的用户作业或系统作业。 Represents a user or system job that a report server is actively processing.

public ref class Job
[System.CodeDom.Compiler.GeneratedCode("wsdl", "2.0.50727.3038")]
public class Job
Public Class Job


数组Job作为输出返回对象ListJobs方法。An array of Job objects is returned as output by the ListJobs method.


Job() Job() Job()

初始化 Job 类的新实例。 Initializes a new instance of the Job class.


Description Description Description

获取当前与该作业关联的项的名称。 Gets the name of the item with which the job is currently associated.

JobActionName JobActionName JobActionName

获取启动该作业的操作。 Gets the action that initiated the job.


获取作业的唯一 ID。 Gets the unique ID for the job.

JobStatusName JobStatusName JobStatusName

获取作业的状态。 Gets the status of a job.

JobTypeName JobTypeName JobTypeName

获取作业的类型。 Gets the type of the job.

Machine Machine Machine

获取正在运行作业的计算机的名称。 Gets the name of the computer on which the job is running.

Name Name Name

获取作业与之关联的报表的名称。 Gets the name of the report with which a job is associated.

Path Path Path

获取作业与之关联的报表的完整路径。 Gets the full path to the report with which a job is associated.

StartDateTime StartDateTime StartDateTime

获取作业的启动日期和时间。 Gets the date and time that the job started.

User User User

获取或设置启动作业的经过身份验证用户的 ID。 Gets or sets the ID of the authenticated user who initiated the job.