System.Activities.Hosting 命名空间

提供类,与承载相关。 Provides classes related to hosting.


表示有关命名 Bookmark 的信息。Represents information about a named Bookmark.


包含有关 BookmarkScope 对象的标识和初始化信息。Contains identification and initialization information about a BookmarkScope object.


提供有关相关 Location 的信息。Provides information about a related Location.


SymbolResolver 是一种用于提供宿主 LocationReferenceEnvironment(包含可通过字符串名称取消引用的对象)的扩展。SymbolResolver is an extension for providing a host LocationReferenceEnvironment containing objects that can be dereferenced by a string name. 不会保留通过 SymbolResolver 提供的值。Values provided through a SymbolResolver are not persisted. 宿主负责保留 SymbolResolver 值。Persistence of SymbolResolver values is a host responsibility.


WorkflowInstance 是一种基于实例的轻量运行时,用于执行工作流程序。WorkflowInstance is a lightweight, per-instance runtime for executing a workflow program. 可以构造它来创建新工作流实例,或依据现有实例状态来创建它。It can be constructed to create a new workflow instance or from existing instance state. WorkflowInstance.WorkflowInstanceControl公开的 API 是最小运行时控件集,可依据这些控件来实现更高级别的操作。The APIs that WorkflowInstance.WorkflowInstanceControl exposes are the minimal set of runtime controls from which higher level operations can be implemented. 此 API 集表示运行时的整个范围的功能。This API set represents the entire breadth of functionality of the runtime. WorkflowInstance 是一个抽象类,依赖于主机对其抽象方法的实现,以便提供同步、保留、跟踪和扩展等主机功能。WorkflowInstance is an abstract class and relies on a host's implementation of its abstract methods in order to provide host functionality such as synchronization, persistence, tracking, and extensions.


管理 WorkflowInstance 的扩展的集合。Manages a collection of extensions for a WorkflowInstance.


一个允许 IWorkflowInstanceExtension 扩展访问工作流服务宿主的类。A class that allows IWorkflowInstanceExtension extensions access to the workflow service host.



提供 WorkflowInstance 派生类的方法,用于访问工作流运行时的功能。Provides methods for WorkflowInstance derived classes to access the functionality of the workflow runtime.



此接口由复合扩展或需要访问工作流实例的扩展实现。This interface is implemented by composite extensions, or extensions that need access to the workflow instance. WorkflowInstance 将在执行之前调用此接口的实现者,以便提供附加扩展,或通过 WorkflowInstance 访问 WorkflowInstanceProxyImplementers of this interface will be called by the WorkflowInstance prior to execution in order to provide additional extensions, or get access to the WorkflowInstance through the WorkflowInstanceProxy.



指定 WorkflowInstance 的状态。Specifies the state of a WorkflowInstance.