ArgumentOutOfRangeException.ActualValue ArgumentOutOfRangeException.ActualValue ArgumentOutOfRangeException.ActualValue ArgumentOutOfRangeException.ActualValue Property


获取导致此异常的参数值。Gets the argument value that causes this exception.

 virtual property System::Object ^ ActualValue { System::Object ^ get(); };
public virtual object ActualValue { get; }
member this.ActualValue : obj
Public Overridable ReadOnly Property ActualValue As Object


Object,它包含导致当前 Exception 的参数的值。An Object that contains the value of the parameter that caused the current Exception.


此属性用于检索参数无效。Use this property to retrieve the invalid argument.

ActualValue属性将返回相同的值传递给构造函数中,或null如果没有提供任何值。The ActualValue property returns the same value that was passed to the constructor, or null if no value was supplied.

ActualValue属性在对象构造时分配一个值。The ActualValue property is assigned a value at the time of object construction. 如果ActualValue属性值不是null,值的字符串表示形式追加到持有的消息字符串Message属性。If the ActualValue property value is not null, a string representation of the value is appended to the message string held by the Message property.

ActualValue属性内的.NET Framework 类库未被使用。The ActualValue property is not used within the .NET Framework class library. 它包含 null 值在所有ArgumentOutOfRangeException对象引发的.NET Framework 类库。It carries a null value in all the ArgumentOutOfRangeException objects thrown by the .NET Framework class library. ActualValue ,以便应用程序可以使用可用的参数值提供属性。The ActualValue property is provided so that applications can use the available argument value.

此属性是只读的应重写仅以自定义的内容或值的格式。This property is read-only and should be overridden only to customize the content or format of the value.