BadImageFormatException.FileName 属性


获取导致该异常的文件的名称。Gets the name of the file that causes this exception.

 property System::String ^ FileName { System::String ^ get(); };
public string FileName { get; }
member this.FileName : string
Public ReadOnly Property FileName As String


带有无效图像的文件的名称,或一个空引用(如果未向当前实例的构造函数传递任何文件名)。The name of the file with the invalid image, or a null reference if no file name was passed to the constructor for the current instance.


此属性返回为当前实例提供的构造函数的文件的名称(如果有)。This property returns the name of the file supplied to the constructor for the current instance, if any. 如果未指定文件名或为空引用(Nothing Visual Basic),则此属性返回空引用。If the file name was not specified or is a null reference (Nothing in Visual Basic), this property returns a null reference.

此属性是只读的。This property is read-only.