CollectionBase.InnerList Property


获取一个 ArrayList,它包含 CollectionBase 实例中元素的列表。Gets an ArrayList containing the list of elements in the CollectionBase instance.

 property System::Collections::ArrayList ^ InnerList { System::Collections::ArrayList ^ get(); };
protected System.Collections.ArrayList InnerList { get; }
member this.InnerList : System.Collections.ArrayList
Protected ReadOnly Property InnerList As ArrayList

Property Value


表示 ArrayList 实例本身的 CollectionBaseAn ArrayList representing the CollectionBase instance itself. 检索此属性的值的运算复杂度为 O(1)。Retrieving the value of this property is an O(1) operation.


On * 方法仅在 List 属性返回的实例上调用,而不是在 InnerList 属性返回的实例上调用。The On* methods are invoked only on the instance returned by the List property, but not on the instance returned by the InnerList property.

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