ImmutableSortedSet<T>.GetEnumerator 方法


返回一个循环访问不可变排序集的枚举器。Returns an enumerator that iterates through the immutable sorted set.

 System::Collections::Immutable::ImmutableSortedSet<T>::Enumerator GetEnumerator();
public System.Collections.Immutable.ImmutableSortedSet<T>.Enumerator GetEnumerator ();
member this.GetEnumerator : unit -> System.Collections.Immutable.ImmutableSortedSet<'T>.Enumerator
Public Function GetEnumerator () As ImmutableSortedSet(Of T).Enumerator


一个可用于循环访问集的枚举器。An enumerator that can be used to iterate through the set.



将此枚举器用作值类型(即,如果它未装箱),请不要通过将其分配给第二个变量或将其传递给其他方法来复制它。When you use this enumerator as a value type (that is, when it isn't boxed), do not copy it by assigning it to a second variable or by passing it to another method. 当释放此枚举器时,它会将可变引用类型堆栈返回到资源池,并在复制值类型枚举器时(如果传递值,这可能很容易意外发生)。枚举器副本可能仍在使用已返回到资源池的资源池,从而导致数据损坏和异常。When this enumerator is disposed of, it returns a mutable reference type stack to a resource pool, and if the value type enumerator is copied (which can easily happen unintentionally if you pass the value around), there is a risk that a stack that has already been returned to the resource pool may still be in use by one of the enumerator copies, leading to data corruption and exceptions.

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