SortedList.IsFixedSize 属性


获取一个值,该值指示 SortedList 对象是否具有固定大小。Gets a value indicating whether a SortedList object has a fixed size.

 virtual property bool IsFixedSize { bool get(); };
public virtual bool IsFixedSize { get; }
member this.IsFixedSize : bool
Public Overridable ReadOnly Property IsFixedSize As Boolean


如果 true 对象具有固定大小,则为 SortedList;否则为 falsetrue if the SortedList object has a fixed size; otherwise, false. 默认值为 falseThe default is false.



具有固定大小的集合不允许在创建集合后添加或删除元素,但允许修改现有元素。A collection with a fixed size does not allow the addition or removal of elements after the collection is created, but does allow the modification of existing elements.

具有固定大小的集合就是一个集合,其中包含阻止添加和移除元素的包装;因此,如果对基础集合进行了更改,包括添加或删除元素,则固定大小的集合将反映这些更改。A collection with a fixed size is simply a collection with a wrapper that prevents adding and removing elements; therefore, if changes are made to the underlying collection, including the addition or removal of elements, the fixed-size collection reflects those changes.

检索此属性的值是一个 O(1) 操作。Retrieving the value of this property is an O(1) operation.