Component.ToString Component.ToString Component.ToString Component.ToString Method


返回包含 Component 的名称的 String(如果有)。Returns a String containing the name of the Component, if any. 不应重写此方法。This method should not be overridden.

 override System::String ^ ToString();
public override string ToString ();
override this.ToString : unit -> string
Public Overrides Function ToString () As String


包含 Component 的名称的 String(如果有);如果 Component 未命名,则为 nullA String containing the name of the Component, if any, or null if the Component is unnamed.


一个Component可能或可能不具有的名称。A Component may or may not have a name. 如果Component是指定一个名称,名称是唯一的而其他Component中的对象及其IContainerIf a Component is given a name, the name is unique among other Component objects within its IContainer.

ISite存储的名称ComponentThe ISite stores the name of the Component. 一个Component只能有ISite如果已添加到IContainerIContainer分配ISite到它。A Component can only have an ISite if it has been added to an IContainer and the IContainer assigns an ISite to it.