DesignerActionService.Clear 方法


解除所有组件的管理,并清除所有推模型智能标记列表。Releases all components from management and clears all push-model smart tag lists.

 void Clear();
public void Clear ();
member this.Clear : unit -> unit
Public Sub Clear ()


Clear 方法将清空用于存储有关组件及其推送模型智能标记列表的信息的内部表。The Clear method empties the internal table used to store information about components and their push-model smart tag lists.


由于此方法会影响当前服务所管理的所有组件,而不只是当前的组件,因此应谨慎使用此方法。Because this method affects all components managed by the current service, and not just the current component, this method should be used judiciously. 通常,设计时工具开发人员在重置设计图面时使用它。Typically, the design-time tool developer uses it when resetting a design surface. 组件开发人员应该改用 Remove 方法之一来删除单个智能标记项或列表。Component developers should use one of the Remove methods instead to remove individual smart tag items or lists.

对于先前由当前服务托管的每个组件,都会引发 DesignerActionListsChanged 事件。A DesignerActionListsChanged event is raised for each component that was previously managed by the current service.