CodeDomLocalizationModel CodeDomLocalizationModel CodeDomLocalizationModel CodeDomLocalizationModel Enum


确定 CodeDom 资源适配器要使用的本地化模型。Determines the localization model to be used by the CodeDom resource adapter.

public enum class CodeDomLocalizationModel
public enum CodeDomLocalizationModel
type CodeDomLocalizationModel = 
Public Enum CodeDomLocalizationModel


None None None None 0

本地化提供程序应忽略经过本地化的属性。The localization provider should ignore localized properties. 本地化提供程序仍将为不支持代码生成且可序列化的对象写出资源。It will still write out resources for objects that do not support code generation and are serializable.

PropertyAssignment PropertyAssignment PropertyAssignment PropertyAssignment 1

本地化提供程序将通过为每个属性分配一个资源的方式写出经过本地化的属性。The localization provider will write out localized properties by assigning a resource to each property. 当属性的数目很小时,此模型的处理速度很快,但随着包含默认值的属性的数目增长,此模型的扩展能力很差。This model is fast when the number of properties is small, but it scales poorly as the number of properties containing default values grows.

PropertyReflection PropertyReflection PropertyReflection PropertyReflection 2

本地化提供程序将经过本地化的属性值写入到一个资源文件中,然后使用 ComponentResourceManager 类按名称对属性进行反射以在运行时填充这些属性值。The localization provider will write localized property values into a resource file and use the ComponentResourceManager class to reflect on properties by name to fill them at runtime. 此模型需要在运行时使用反射,因此处理速度会比较慢,但对于大量具有默认值的属性,此模型的扩展能力较好。This uses reflection at runtime so it can be slow, but it scales better for large numbers of properties with default values.