IListSource.GetList 方法


从不实现 IList 本身的对象返回可以绑定到数据源的 IListReturns an IList that can be bound to a data source from an object that does not implement an IList itself.

 System::Collections::IList ^ GetList();
public System.Collections.IList GetList ();
abstract member GetList : unit -> System.Collections.IList
Public Function GetList () As IList



对象中可以绑定到数据源的 IListAn IList that can be bound to a data source from the object.


下面的代码示例演示如何实现 IListSource 接口。The following code example demonstrates how to implement the IListSource interface. 名为的组件 EmployeeListSource IList 通过实现方法公开数据绑定的 GetListA component named EmployeeListSource exposes an IList for data binding by implementing the GetList method. 有关完整的代码清单,请参阅 如何:实现 IListSource 接口For a full code listing, see How to: Implement the IListSource Interface.

System.Collections.IList IListSource.GetList()
    BindingList<Employee>   ble = new BindingList<Employee>();

    if (!this.DesignMode)
        ble.Add(new Employee("Aaberg, Jesper", 26000000));
        ble.Add(new Employee("Cajhen, Janko", 19600000));
        ble.Add(new Employee("Furse, Kari", 19000000));
        ble.Add(new Employee("Langhorn, Carl", 16000000));
        ble.Add(new Employee("Todorov, Teodor", 15700000));
        ble.Add(new Employee("Verebélyi, Ágnes", 15700000));

    return ble;
Public Function GetList() As System.Collections.IList Implements System.ComponentModel.IListSource.GetList

    Dim ble As New BindingList(Of Employee)

    If Not Me.DesignMode Then
        ble.Add(New Employee("Aaberg, Jesper", 26000000))
        ble.Add(New Employee("Cajhen, Janko", 19600000))
        ble.Add(New Employee("Furse, Kari", 19000000))
        ble.Add(New Employee("Langhorn, Carl", 16000000))
        ble.Add(New Employee("Todorov, Teodor", 15700000))
        ble.Add(New Employee("Verebélyi, Ágnes", 15700000))
    End If

    Return ble

End Function