ITypeDescriptorContext.Container Property


获取表示此 TypeDescriptor 请求的容器。Gets the container representing this TypeDescriptor request.

 property System::ComponentModel::IContainer ^ Container { System::ComponentModel::IContainer ^ get(); };
public System.ComponentModel.IContainer Container { get; }
member this.Container : System.ComponentModel.IContainer
Public ReadOnly Property Container As IContainer

Property Value


包含此 IContainer 的对象集的 TypeDescriptor;否则,如果不存在容器,或者如果 TypeDescriptor 不使用外部对象,则为 nullAn IContainer with the set of objects for this TypeDescriptor; otherwise, null if there is no container or if the TypeDescriptor does not use outside objects.


Container 属性获取与类型描述符关联的组件的逻辑容器。The Container property gets the logical container of the component associated with the type descriptor.

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