MaskedTextResultHint 枚举


指定简洁描述掩码文本分析操作结果的值。Specifies values that succinctly describe the results of a masked text parsing operation.

public enum class MaskedTextResultHint
public enum MaskedTextResultHint
type MaskedTextResultHint = 
Public Enum MaskedTextResultHint


AlphanumericCharacterExpected -2

操作未成功。输入字符中包含非字母数字字符。Operation did not succeed.An input character was encountered that was not alphanumeric. .

AsciiCharacterExpected -1

操作未成功。输入字符中包含非 ASCII 字符集成员的字符。Operation did not succeed.An input character was encountered that was not a member of the ASCII character set.

CharacterEscaped 1

成功。Success. 操作成功,因为文本、提示或空格字符是转义字符。The operation succeeded because a literal, prompt or space character was an escaped character. 有关转义字符的更多信息,请参见 VerifyEscapeChar(Char, Int32) 方法。For more information about escaped characters, see the VerifyEscapeChar(Char, Int32) method.

DigitExpected -3

操作未成功。Operation did not succeed. 输入字符中包含非数字字符。An input character was encountered that was not a digit.

InvalidInput -51

操作未成功。Operation did not succeed. 程序遇到无效的输入字符。The program encountered an input character that was not valid. 有关无效字符的更多信息,请参见 IsValidInputChar(Char) 方法。For more information about characters that are not valid, see the IsValidInputChar(Char) method.

LetterExpected -4

操作未成功。Operation did not succeed. 输入字符中包含非字母字符。An input character was encountered that was not a letter.

NoEffect 2

成功。Success. 主操作未执行,因为不需要;因此,未产生任何副作用。The primary operation was not performed because it was not needed; therefore, no side effect was produced.

NonEditPosition -54

操作未成功。Operation did not succeed. 格式化字符串中的当前位置为原义字符。The current position in the formatted string is a literal character.

PositionOutOfRange -55

操作未成功。Operation did not succeed. 指定的位置未在目标字符串范围内;通常小于零或大于目标字符串的长度。The specified position is not in the range of the target string; typically it is either less than zero or greater then the length of the target string.

PromptCharNotAllowed -52

操作未成功。Operation did not succeed. 输入的提示字符无效,可能是由于 AllowPromptAsInput 属性设置为 false 所致。The prompt character is not valid at input, perhaps because the AllowPromptAsInput property is set to false.

SideEffect 3

成功。Success. 主操作未执行,因为不需要,但该方法产生了副作用。The primary operation was not performed because it was not needed, but the method produced a side effect. 例如,RemoveAt 方法可能删除未赋值的编辑位置,这会引起格式化字符串中顺序字符的左移。For example, the RemoveAt method can delete an unassigned edit position, which causes left-shifting of subsequent characters in the formatted string.

SignedDigitExpected -5

操作未成功。Operation did not succeed. 输入字符中包含不是有符号数字的字符。An input character was encountered that was not a signed digit.

Success 4

成功。Success. 主操作成功。The primary operation succeeded.

UnavailableEditPosition -53

操作未成功。Operation did not succeed. 没有足够的可用编辑位置来满足请求。There were not enough edit positions available to fulfill the request.

Unknown 0

未知。Unknown. 操作结果未能确定。The result of the operation could not be determined.


控件委托将输入字符分析MaskedTextProvider为类的实际责任。 MaskedTextBoxThe MaskedTextBox control delegates the actual responsibility for parsing the input characters to the MaskedTextProvider class. 的许多方法MaskedTextProvider除了Boolean返回成功结果之外, 还提供类型MaskedTextResultHint的附加输出参数。Many of the methods of MaskedTextProvider, in addition to returning a Boolean success result, also provide an additional output parameter of type MaskedTextResultHint. 此枚举提供有关该方法的操作的其他信息。This enumeration provides additional information about the operation of the method.


方法可用于MaskedTextResultHint将值Boolean转换为成功值。 GetOperationResultFromHintThe GetOperationResultFromHint method can be used to convert a MaskedTextResultHint value into a Boolean success value.