RecommendedAsConfigurableAttribute.No 字段


指定属性不能用作应用程序设置。Specifies that a property cannot be used as an application setting. static 字段是只读的。This static field is read-only.

public: static initonly System::ComponentModel::RecommendedAsConfigurableAttribute ^ No;
public static readonly System.ComponentModel.RecommendedAsConfigurableAttribute No;
 staticval mutable No : System.ComponentModel.RecommendedAsConfigurableAttribute
Public Shared ReadOnly No As RecommendedAsConfigurableAttribute 



此字段是此属性的默认设置。This field is the default setting for this attribute.

RecommendedAsConfigurableAttribute 设置为 false的属性标记时,此属性的值将设置为常量成员 NoWhen you mark a property with RecommendedAsConfigurableAttribute set to false, the value of this attribute is set to the constant member No. 因此,当您要检查您的代码中是否将该属性设置为此值时,必须指定 RecommendedAsConfigurableAttribute.No的属性。Therefore, when you want to check whether the attribute is set to this value in your code, you must specify the attribute RecommendedAsConfigurableAttribute.No.