SettingsSerializeAs 枚举


确定用于存储应用程序设置的序列化方案。Determines the serialization scheme used to store application settings.

public enum class SettingsSerializeAs
public enum SettingsSerializeAs
type SettingsSerializeAs = 
Public Enum SettingsSerializeAs


Binary 2

设置属性使用二进制对象序列化方法来进行序列化。The settings property is serialized using binary object serialization.

ProviderSpecific 3

设置提供程序具有属性或其类型的隐式知识,将选择适当的序列化机制。The settings provider has implicit knowledge of the property or its type and picks an appropriate serialization mechanism. 通常用于自定义序列化。Often used for custom serialization.

String 0

设置属性被序列化为纯文本。The settings property is serialized as plain text.

Xml 1

使用 XML 序列化将设置属性序列化为 XML。The settings property is serialized as XML using XML serialization.


SettingsSerializeAs枚举用于指定应用程序设置提供程序用来保存应用程序设置属性值的序列化机制。The SettingsSerializeAs enumeration is used to specify the serialization mechanism used by the application settings provider to persist the values of application settings properties. 例如, < SettingsSerializeAsAttribute > 在其构造函数中使用此枚举来请求使用指定的序列化机制来保存属性或属性组。For example, the <System.Configuration.SettingsSerializeAsAttribute> uses this enumeration in its constructor to request that a property or group of properties be persisted using the specified serialization mechanism.