DbCommand.CommandType Property


在派生类中重写时,获取或设置 CommandText 属性的解释方式。When overridden in a derived class, gets or sets how the CommandText property is interpreted.

 abstract property System::Data::CommandType CommandType { System::Data::CommandType get(); void set(System::Data::CommandType value); };
public abstract System.Data.CommandType CommandType { get; set; }
member this.CommandType : System.Data.CommandType with get, set
Public MustOverride Property CommandType As CommandType

Property Value


指定如何解释命令字符串的枚举值之一。One of the enumeration values that specifies how a command string is interpreted. 默认为 TextThe default is Text.



CommandType 设置为 StoredProcedure时,应将 CommandText 属性设置为存储过程的名称。When you set the CommandType to StoredProcedure, you should set the CommandText property to the name of the stored procedure. 调用 Execute 方法之一时,该命令将执行此存储过程。The command executes this stored procedure when you call one of the Execute methods.

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