DataRowAction DataRowAction DataRowAction DataRowAction Enum


描述对 DataRow 执行的操作。Describes an action performed on a DataRow.

此枚举有一个 FlagsAttribute 属性,允许按位组合成员值。

public enum class DataRowAction
public enum DataRowAction
type DataRowAction = 
Public Enum DataRowAction


Add Add Add Add 16

该行已添加到表中。The row has been added to the table.

Change Change Change Change 2

此行已更改。The row has changed.

ChangeCurrentAndOriginal ChangeCurrentAndOriginal ChangeCurrentAndOriginal ChangeCurrentAndOriginal 64

该行的原始版本和当前版本都已更改。The original and the current versions of the row have been changed.

ChangeOriginal ChangeOriginal ChangeOriginal ChangeOriginal 32

该行的原始版本已更改。The original version of the row has been changed.

Commit Commit Commit Commit 8

已提交了对此行的更改。The changes to the row have been committed.

Delete Delete Delete Delete 1

已从表中删除此行。The row was deleted from the table.

Nothing Nothing Nothing Nothing 0

此行尚未更改。The row has not changed.

Rollback Rollback Rollback Rollback 4

对此行的最近更改已回滚。The most recent change to the row has been rolled back.


一个DataRowAction的一部分返回DataRowChangeEventArgs来指示已执行的行以引发事件的操作。A DataRowAction is returned as part of the DataRowChangeEventArgs to indicate the action that was taken on a row to raise the event.

使用此枚举的成员来确定发生的操作DataRowDataTable它所属。Use the members of this enumeration to determine the action that has occurred on a DataRow with regard to the DataTable to which it belongs.