TypedDataSetGenerator.GenerateOption 枚举


TypedDataSetGenerator 提供信息,用于创建可支持 LINQ to DataSet 和分层更新的类型化数据集。Provides the TypedDataSetGenerator with information for creating typed datasets that support LINQ to DataSet and hierarchical update.

此枚举有一个 FlagsAttribute 属性,允许按位组合成员值。

public: enum class TypedDataSetGenerator::GenerateOption
public enum TypedDataSetGenerator.GenerateOption
type TypedDataSetGenerator.GenerateOption = 
Public Enum TypedDataSetGenerator.GenerateOption


HierarchicalUpdate 1

生成包含 TableAdapterManager 和关联方法的类型化数据集,以便启用分层更新。Generates typed datasets that have a TableAdapterManager and associated methods for enabling hierarchical update.

LinqOverTypedDatasets 2

生成包含从 TypedTableBase<T> 继承的数据表的类型化数据集,以便能够对数据表执行 LINQ 查询。Generates typed datasets that have data tables that inherit from TypedTableBase<T> in order to enable the ability to perform LINQ queries on data tables.

None 0

生成与在早于 Visual Studio 2008Visual Studio 2008 的 Visual Studio 版本中生成的类型化数据集兼容的类型化数据集。Generates typed datasets that are compatible with typed datasets generated in versions of Visual Studio earlier than Visual Studio 2008Visual Studio 2008.


枚举提供了在TypedDataSetGenerator调用TypedDataSetGenerator.Generate方法时要创建的类型化数据集的类型信息。 TypedDataSetGenerator.GenerateOptionThe TypedDataSetGenerator.GenerateOption enumeration provides the TypedDataSetGenerator with information about the type of typed dataset to create when the TypedDataSetGenerator.Generate method is called.

枚举可用于实现类型化数据集中的新功能, 而无需为该TypedDataSetGenerator.Generate方法创建其他重载。 TypedDataSetGenerator.GenerateOptionThe TypedDataSetGenerator.GenerateOption enumeration enables you to implement new features in typed datasets without needing to create additional overloads to the TypedDataSetGenerator.Generate method.


LINQ to DataSet 和分层更新是中Visual Studio 2008Visual Studio 2008新增的功能。LINQ to DataSet and hierarchical update are features that were added in Visual Studio 2008Visual Studio 2008.

另请参阅分层更新概述Also see Hierarchical Update Overview.