SyndicationItemProperty SyndicationItemProperty SyndicationItemProperty SyndicationItemProperty Enum


用于标识联合项元素的枚举类型。Enumeration type used to identify the syndication item element.

public enum class SyndicationItemProperty
public enum SyndicationItemProperty
type SyndicationItemProperty = 
Public Enum SyndicationItemProperty


AuthorEmail AuthorEmail AuthorEmail AuthorEmail 1

作者电子邮件元素。Author email element.

AuthorName AuthorName AuthorName AuthorName 2

作者名称元素。Author name element.

AuthorUri AuthorUri AuthorUri AuthorUri 3

作者 URI 元素。Author URI element.

ContributorEmail ContributorEmail ContributorEmail ContributorEmail 4

参与者电子邮件元素。Contributor email element.

ContributorName ContributorName ContributorName ContributorName 5

参与者名称元素。Contributor name element.

ContributorUri ContributorUri ContributorUri ContributorUri 6

参与者 URI 元素。Contributor URI element.

CustomProperty CustomProperty CustomProperty CustomProperty 0

自定义属性元素。Custom property element.

Published Published Published Published 8

已发布资源元素。Published resource element.

Rights Rights Rights Rights 9

版权保护资源元素。Rights protected resource element.

Summary Summary Summary Summary 10

摘要元素。Summary element.

Title Title Title Title 11

标题元素。Title element.

Updated Updated Updated Updated 7

已更新元素。Updated element.


WCF 数据服务WCF Data Services定义自定义源时, 将使用此枚举的值。The values of this enumeration are used when defining custom feeds for WCF 数据服务WCF Data Services.