System.Data.Sql Namespace

System.Data.Sql 命名空间包含支持 SQL Server 特定的功能的类。 The System.Data.Sql namespace contains classes that support SQL Server-specific functionality.


提供了一种枚举本地网络内的所有可用 SQL Server 实例的机制。Provides a mechanism for enumerating all available instances of SQL Server within the local network.


表示对给定命令的通知的请求。Represents a request for notification for a given command.


此命名空间中的类支持的功能的信息,请参阅枚举实例的 SQL Server (ADO.NET)SQL Server 中的查询通知For information about the functionality that the classes within this namespace support, see Enumerating Instances of SQL Server (ADO.NET) and Query Notifications in SQL Server.


在 beta 版本的 ADO.NET 2.0 版中,System.Data.Sql命名空间还包含用于 SQL Server 公共语言运行时 (CLR) 集成的类。In beta releases of ADO.NET version 2.0, the System.Data.Sql namespace also contained classes for use with SQL Server common language runtime (CLR) integration. 但是,这些类已移到自己的命名空间, Microsoft.SqlServer.ServerHowever, those classes have been moved into their own namespace, Microsoft.SqlServer.Server. 有关使用 SQL Server CLR 集成的详细信息,请参阅SQL Server 公共语言运行时集成For more information about using SQL Server CLR integration, see SQL Server Common Language Runtime Integration.