SqlConnectionStringBuilder.PersistSecurityInfo Property


获取或设置一个布尔值,该值指示如果连接是打开的或者一直处于打开状态,那么安全敏感信息(如密码)是否将不作为连接的一部分返回。Gets or sets a Boolean value that indicates if security-sensitive information, such as the password, is not returned as part of the connection if the connection is open or has ever been in an open state.

 property bool PersistSecurityInfo { bool get(); void set(bool value); };
public bool PersistSecurityInfo { get; set; }
member this.PersistSecurityInfo : bool with get, set
Public Property PersistSecurityInfo As Boolean

Property Value


PersistSecurityInfo 属性的值,或者,如果未提供任何值,则为 falseThe value of the PersistSecurityInfo property, or false if none has been supplied.


此属性与连接字符串内的“Persist Security Info”和“persistsecurityinfo”键相对应。This property corresponds to the "Persist Security Info" and "persistsecurityinfo" keys within the connection string.

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