SqlNotificationInfo 枚举


此枚举提供有关不同通知的其他信息,这些信息可由依赖项事件处理程序接收。This enumeration provides additional information about the different notifications that can be received by the dependency event handler.

public enum class SqlNotificationInfo
public enum SqlNotificationInfo
type SqlNotificationInfo = 
Public Enum SqlNotificationInfo


AlreadyChanged -2

SqlDependency 对象已激发,无法向该对象添加新命令。The SqlDependency object already fired, and new commands cannot be added to it.

Alter 5

与已修改的查询相关的基础服务器对象。An underlying server object related to the query was modified.

Delete 3

数据已由 DELETE 语句更改。Data was changed by a DELETE statement.

Drop 4

与已丢弃的查询相关的基础对象。An underlying object related to the query was dropped.

Error 7

发生内部服务器错误。An internal server error occurred.

Expired 12

SqlDependency 对象已过期。The SqlDependency object has expired.

Insert 1

数据已由 INSERT 语句更改。Data was changed by an INSERT statement.

Invalid 9

提供了无法通知的语句(例如,UPDATE 语句)。A statement was provided that cannot be notified (for example, an UPDATE statement).

Isolation 11

在无效的隔离模式下执行该语句(例如,快照)。The statement was executed under an isolation mode that was not valid (for example, Snapshot).

Merge 16

用于查明触发查询通知的服务器端原因。Used to distinguish the server-side cause for a query notification firing.

Options 10

订阅时没有正确设置 SET 选项。The SET options were not set appropriately at subscription time.

PreviousFire 14

上一语句导致在当前事务下激发了查询通知。A previous statement has caused query notifications to fire under the current transaction.

Query 8

不能通知或已提供的 SELECT 语句。A SELECT statement that cannot be notified or was provided.

Resource 13

因服务器资源压力而激发。Fires as a result of server resource pressure.

Restart 6

服务器已重新启动(重新启动期间发送通知)。The server was restarted (notifications are sent during restart.).

TemplateLimit 15

订阅查询导致某一目标表上的模板数量超过允许的最大限制。The subscribing query causes the number of templates on one of the target tables to exceed the maximum allowable limit.

Truncate 0

一个或多个表已截断。One or more tables were truncated.

Unknown -1

在客户端无法识别出服务器所发送的信息选项时使用。Used when the info option sent by the server was not recognized by the client.

Update 2

数据已由 UPDATE 语句更改。Data was changed by an UPDATE statement.


枚举由SqlNotificationEventArgs类的实例引用。 SqlNotificationInfoThe SqlNotificationInfo enumeration is referenced by an instance of the SqlNotificationEventArgs class.