EventLogType 枚举


定义在事件日志中记录的事件的类型。 每个日志只能包含一种类型的事件。Each log can only contain one type of event.

public enum class EventLogType
public enum EventLogType
type EventLogType = 
Public Enum EventLogType


Administrative 0

这些事件主要针对最终用户、管理员和支持人员。These events are primarily for end users, administrators, and support. 管理类型日志中的事件指示管理员可以处理的问题以及可以执行的定义完善的解决方案。The events that are found in the Administrative type logs indicate a problem and a well-defined solution that an administrator can act on. 例如,在应用程序无法连接到打印机时发生的事件就是一个管理事件。An example of an administrative event is an event that occurs when an application fails to connect to a printer.

Analytical 2

分析事件日志中事件的发布量非常大。Events in an analytic event log are published in high volume. 它们描述程序操作并指示用户无法处理的问题。They describe program operation and indicate problems that cannot be handled by user intervention.

Debug 3

调试类型事件日志中的事件仅供开发人员用来诊断要调试的问题。Events in a debug type event log are used solely by developers to diagnose a problem for debugging.

Operational 1

操作类型事件日志中的事件用于分析和诊断问题或发生的事件。Events in an operational type event log are used for analyzing and diagnosing a problem or occurrence. 它们可用于根据问题或发生的事件触发工具或任务。They can be used to trigger tools or tasks based on the problem or occurrence. 例如,在系统中添加或移除打印机时发生的事件就是一个操作事件。An example of an operational event is an event that occurs when a printer is added or removed from a system.